Problemas de grabación CD/DVD con kernels 2.6.8/2.6.9 (GNU/Linux) 2004-11-07 06:08:43

Por lo visto ya hace un buen tiempo de esto (desde que salió el kernel de Linux 2.6.8), pero yo me enteré hoy, en el mismo instante que quise grabar un CD con Xcdroast. No tenía manera posible, como usuario, de grabar un CD. Miré que estuviera en el grupo cdrom, puse el bit setuid a cdrecord, y nada.

En el canal #linux_novatos de la red de chat IRC Hispano me comunicaron que había un problema, referenciándome a la web de k3b (uno de los muchos GUI's de grabación). Allí, en la sección news se comentaba el asunto:

Trashed Audio CDs with SuSE 9.1. There seems to be a problem with realease 104 of the SuSE kernel. Audio CDs will contain strange sounds. This is not a K3b but a problem of the SuSE kernel. One solution is to downgrade to kernel release 95. Probably newer releases will also fix this. Update: This is caused by a patch from the new 2.6.8 kernel.

Do not use Kernel 2.6.8. A patch that was introduced into the kernel shortly before the 2.6.8 release makes K3b and also the dvd+rw-tools unusable on Linux (unless run as root but that is not recommended). The very important GET CONFIGURATION MMC command is rejected by the kernel for reasons I cannot see and writing commands like MODE SELECT also fail (K3b cannot detect CD writers without it) even when the device is opened O_RDWR. Until this issue has been solved I strongly recommend to stick to kernel version 2.6.7. Update: The kernel guys are currently fixing the problem so the next kernel release should work again. :) Update 2: The problem is NOT fixed in Update 3: Be aware that kernel 2.6.8 also contains the memory leak which makes it impossible to write audio cds, even as root.

En la web de Xcdroast también se hablaba del asunto:

Linux Kernel 2.6.8 broke CD-Writing: I had several reports that the last 2.6.x kernel broke CD-Writing using the ATAPI driver. Don't update if you want to continue to use X-CD-Roast, or switch back to SCSI-emulation. Update: When started from a root shell burning still works, but non-root mode is disabled by this kernel.

En resumen, que hay varias soluciones posibles mientras esperamos que se solucione el tema en el 2.6.10:

  • No usar un kernel de Linux de versión 2.6.8 ó 2.6.9.
  • Usar el driver -o emulación- scsi para grabar.
  • Grabar como root.

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